Fondamentaux de la recherche reproductible et du logiciel libre / Fundamentals of reproducible research and free software
LearningTrack "RR"

Objectif du cours

This is a course on free software (FS) and reproducible research including how to write and publish
reproducible research, the legal aspects of the code, article, and data, and eventually the good
practices to write free software and perform reproducible research.
Group discussions, debates, and individual dissertations are part of the activities of the course.
The plan of the course covers the minimum knowledge that any PhD candidate or master’s student
on computational sciences should reach to perform reliable research. The MVA course Projet de
recherche reproductible can be considered as a practical follow-up for those students who want
perform an actual project on reproducible research.


Organisation des séances

The course spans a total of 24h, according the this plan:
• 6 sessions of master classes, 2h each.
• 3 sessions of TP, 3h each. At each session the students will work on the final project and each
group will make a partial presentation.
• 1 session of 3h where each group will present the final presentation of the project, along with
group discussion.

Mode de validation

Each group of students (between 1 and 3) will make a study of a software project and present it to
the audience with some slides.
The study will discuss the licenses used by a scientific project, the economical model behind, the
type of application, and any other aspect related to the software. It will also analyze the level of
reproducibility, if the sources match well the pseudo-codes in the article, and the any findings in
favor or against its reproducibility.
Several practical sessions (TP) are available to progressively advance in the study, with the help of
the instructor and discussions with the rest of group.
Grading: the final presentation of the project (80%), and the intermediate TPs (20%) presentations.

Thèmes abordés

1 Free and open-source software
– 1.1 Introduction
– 1.2 Licensing
– 1.3 Economical model of FS projects
– 1.4 Case studies

2 Reproducible research
– 2.1 Introduction
– 2.2 Publishing reproducible research. The editorial process.
– 2.3 Legal aspects
– 2.4 Writing a reproducible scientific article

Les intervenants


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